My name is Amanda Claire Goodwin and welcome to my blog.

Who I am: I love food, wine, and travel. I started blogging in April 2017 and it’s been the best decision of my life. I’m New Jersey/NYC based and I’m a WSET III Somm candidate. I’m also the founder of National Orange Wine Day

Additionally, I  follow a plant based diet and care about the welfare of animals. I like to featuring producers who practice sustainable agricultural practices, organics, biodynamics, or are vegan. One could say I’m anti mass produced wine. 

I have a special interest in wines from lesser known regions. I am constantly on the search for something unique and special to share with my audience. I love trying wines that the general consumer has never heard of and sharing my experience. Every good wine has an equally good story and as a wine blogger it is my wish to share these stories with you.

What I do:

I thoroughly enjoy writing educational articles on wine, particularly in the realm of organics, biodynamics, and natural wines. Occasionally I’ll throw in a drink or food recipe. I also will conduct interviews with wine producers, provide event coverage for IG, and host events such as Virtual Orange Wine Week. Join me on my adventures and make sure to check out my Instagram for all the action @therealhousewine

I’m a contributor to WineTraveler.com 

For more about me visit www.amandagoodwin.net

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