Wines to Make Summer Feel A Little More Like Summer.

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, the warmer weather and sunshine has been a reminder that summer is here. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to wanting to goto beach parties or bar hop until 2am. Although it doesn’t seem like summer will go as planned, the following carefully selected list of wines will. All these wines are fresh, young, vibrant (just like you), and made to drink right now. I have personally taste tasted all these wines. You’re welcome.

Click the associated wine images to purchase online. Happy sipping!

Famille Bougrier Rosé D’Anjou 2018
For the rosé lovers who like a little more weight to their wines. Full of fresh fruits like strawberry, watermelon, and peach. The solution to the overdone Provence style rosé we’ve all been chugging summer after summer. Slightly sweet with alcohol at 11% ABV. The perfect summer sipper or a great choice with grilled meats and pork dishes. $12.99
Clos Du Val Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2019
Crisp and clean, just like those brand new white jeans still in your closet that you didn’t wear last summer. Well, this is your year and even though summer might be a little different than last. This is certainly the wine to pair with those jeans. What I like about this wine is that there’s good, balanced acidity, and a moderately fragrant nose that is not over powering. This is an easy drinking white wine that is a versatile food pairing choice. Notes of honeydew melon, lemon grass, and stone fruit on the palate. $30
Smoke Tree Wines Rosé 2019
It wouldn’t be a proper summer if you didn’t have Rosé in hand. To be honest, this summer I’m feeling rosé from different parts of the world and this Sonoma show stopper has everything I’m looking for and then some. Beautiful pale pink color, medium+ nose intensity with a nice combination of rose petals, red fruit aromas, and stone fruit. The palate is balanced with notes of passion fruit and citrus. Refreshing and dangerously easy to drink. Include this wine with BBQ dishes, salads, and fish. Your socially distant friends and family are going to love this one. $14.99
LoveBlock Sauvignon Blanc 2019
This wine label has a commitment to sustainability and are on their way to fully organic. This is the new project of wine maker Kim Crawford and his wife Erica Crawford. Erica is the backbone of Loveblock wines and is the face of the brand. This New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc isn’t a typical grass bomb in the glass. There are more notes of stone fruit, lemon grass, and citrus. A slightly fuller bodied wine, this wine is perfect with food. Shellfish and fried fish meals are a great choice. $16
AltaNeve Prosecco Rosé NV
If bubbles are more your style than this stand alone sparkling wine choice is it. A sparking wine like this is to be enjoyed on its own and not muted by mixers (think Bellini or mimosas). The extra fine perlage is like no other Prosecco on the market. This wine has layers of freshness, elegant floral aromas and strawberry notes. It is by no means cloyingly sweet. This is another dangerous wine that has great drinkability but is surprisingly lower in calories. $30
Dr. Konstantin Frank Dry Reisling 2018
Think all Reisling is sweet? Nope! Try a dry Reisling from the legendary Finger Lakes producer Dr. Frank. Credited with bringing “wine grapes” to upstate NY, this wine label is still family owned and operated. What I like about this wine is that it offers great, balanced acidity, a fragrant nose of peaches, grapefruit, and candies ginger. This wine is mouth watering on its on, but fantastic with a wide assortment of cheeses. This is a awesome wine for DoorDash sushi night. $15.99
Laurent Perrier Extra Brut Nature NV
For all the moments this summer where a champagne toast would be in order: Zoom weddings & baby showers or Houseparty App birthday parties. Honestly, to say I’m obsessed with this champagne is the understatement of the year. I’m not a big champagne drinker in general because of the price tag but this dry style of champagne really knocks the ball out of the park. For reference, Brut Nature simply means there no dosage or added sugar. Sugar in these style of wines are less than 3g/dL, making them also waist line friendly. The nose has a tone of beautiful, yeasty, bready notes, and zippy acidity on the palate. A real winner for summer that I will keep well stocked in my wine fridge. $59.99
Valle Del Acate Vittoria Il Frappato 2018
Red wine lovers rejoice! Yes! You can still drink red wine in the summer. This Sicilian grape variety called Frappato is a prime example of a summer red. This fragrant and fresh red has notes of red berries, violet and Mediterranean spices. This easy-drinking wine has raspberry, red cherry and clove alongside super smooth tannins and bright acidity. Serve slightly chilled. Great with grilled meats and hearty vegetables.
Domaine Glinavos Paleokerisio 2018
Here’s something a little different to add the the list. This is a semi sparkling, orange orange wine that has a little touch of sweetness. It’s has the tanning and mouthfeel of sparkling iced tea. There are notes of clove, nutmeg, orange, and peach. It’s such a happy and easy going drink. A drink like this makes staying home seem like not a bad option after all. $14.96
Gini Soave Classico 2018
Practicing organic. For the wine lover looking for white wine with a little more weighty mouthfeel, a Soave Classico is a white wine to try out. Refreshing enough for summer but can also carry you well into winter, this medium bodied golden hue wine has notes of golden delicious apple, pear, apricot, with a little bit of ripe lemon. There’s also an enjoyable stony minerality and bright, refreshing acidity. Enjoy this wine with a wide variety of pasta dishes, hot dogs, or cole slaw. $19.99
Domaine Cedric Chignard Fleurie Les Moriers 2018
Another summer worthy red wine because you’re fancy like that. Ah Beaujolais. You can’t do summer red wine drinking without it. There are ten Cru Beaujolais and Fleurie is the most light and feminine. This wine is medium-bodied, not too heavy but still serves the attitude. Beautiful notes of red fruits like cherry on the nose and palate. The nose offers classic Fleurie floral aromas (think skipping in a field of flowers). This wine is grilled tuna or swordfish steak’s new best friend. $26.97

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