Italian Winter White: Villa Gemma Colline Teatine Bianco

When I think of winter I think of snow, warm nights by the fireplace, and of course a nice glass of wine! Although we can’t always have snow or fire places, at least the wine part is easier to obtain. I was recently sent samples of the Villa Gemma Colline Teatine Bianco by Masciarelli and this is a paid partnership but, one I am happy to participate in.

For over forty years, Masciarelli has produced quality wines out of the Abruzzo region of Italy. Masicarelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the benchmark for Montepulciano in Italy. Pioneered by winemaker and regional native Gianni Masciarelli, Masciarelli put Abruzzo on the map by working very hard to elevate the wines from this region. Gianni uses a sustainable approach to rearing his grapes, putting quality at the forefront of his method. Most wine retailers have the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which is great wine to start with as your learn the wines of Abruzzo. If you’re studying for WSET level courses this would also be a good pick. It hits all the classical aromas and flavors you would expect of a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. I found this at Total Wine for $9.99 But, all the excitement of the Masciarelli line does not stop there.

If you want to explore more of Masciarelli’s portfolio (which you should) then try their Villa Gemma releases, like the Colline Teatine Bianco by Masciarelli. This is the perfect winter white wine. These wines are made with Trebbiano, which is a native grape variety to the region. In the hands of Masciarelli is he handles it beautifully. Masciarelli offers several versions of this wine from the basic, Masciarelli Trebbiano d’Abruzzo to their higher end Villa Gemma line.

Hard to track down! But worth the find.

The Villa Gemma Colline Teatine Bianco was first released in 1985 and further showcases what the Abruzzo region can do. This white wine is the perfect winter to spring sipper as we warm up after a long day. The usual blend is predominantly Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, with about a quarter of Pecorino, and small amount of Cocciola. The specific clone variety used in Abruzzo by Masciarelli is not as high yielding as other trebbianos throughout Italy, thus producing more aromatic and flavorful grapes. The vines used are nearly 40 years and are sourced from three distinct vineyards which range in elevation from 435 to 1,200 feet. These vineyards, are predominantly calcareous clay and limestone which are responsible for the minerality present in the wine. Expected tasting notes include aromas and flavors of granny smith apple and lemon, with the addition of noticeable minerality, medium bodied wine, ABV 13% SRP $20

Although not widely available, I hope through awareness we can see more of the Masciarelli Villa Gemma releases on shelves. If your local retail wine shop uses a distributor who has an account with Vintus Wine Importers then I highly recommend requesting it.

Campaign financed by regulation CE N. 1308/13. 🇪🇺

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