Bordeaux and Wines of Germany??

Yesterday, I attended a wine and learn lunch hosted by both wines of Germany and Bordeaux. I honestly did think to myself, hmm, wines of Bordeaux and Germany?nHowever, the similarities are more profound than you would imagine.

The event opened up with a sparking rosé from Bordeaux and a German Sekt which appeals to the wine geeks within all of us. The sekt is a sparking reisling with 10g/L, wild yeast, AND the wine maker refused to use copper, which for organic production, is quite difficult. SRP $35.

During the tasting portion we all played a super fun game: We had to guess which wine was German and which wine was from Bordeaux. Spoiler alert, I did terribly.

Wines that I thought could be Germany were actually from Bordeaux, and actually vice versa. Even well trained Sommeliers were floundering. The Grand purpose of this meeting was to show us, how dynamic the changes are to wine making. I was shocked, amazed, and yet somewhat perplexed. The group I was with, collectively got every wine incorrect.

One important aspect I learned during this luncheon experience, is that no matter how difficult the pairing (ie; broccoli salad, lamb & rams, or a cheese plate) there’s a complimentary German or Bordeaux wine to suite the meal.

The all encompassing purpose of this experience was to have all of us rethink the wines of these regions. More and more, young wine makers from these regions are practicing organic or biodynamic farming. They’re enduring the rigors of certifying themselves in the hopes of raising eye brows of wine snobs like myself and others . Well, my eyes brows are raised as high as they can go, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

I will close this brief, yet insightful post with one thought, what wine region has made you rethink their wines? Bordeaux and Germany certainly have for me.

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