Naturae: A New Line by Gerard Bertrand Wines

A new line of Gérard Bertrand Wines is set to launch in early 2020. Bertrand is bringing his philosophy of respecting the terroir and environment to the general market with high quality affordable wines. The new line called Naturae, and is produced from top quality organic grapes without the use of added sulfites.

Gerard Bertrand welcoming us to his NYC Naturae launch party

“Everything starts in New York.”

Gerard Bertrand

On Tuesday, October 15th I attended an event hosted by Gerard Bertrand wines at the Lemon Rooftop Bar at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Although Brooklyn is far, I knew the views would surely be worth it, and the Lemon did not disappoint! I found it fitting and appropriate that they would choose this location as the launch pad for their new organic wine line. Between the views, flowers, and cheery ambiance this venue embodies everything that Bertrand wines stand for.

The new launch of wines included a Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Chardonnay had aromas of citrus and white fruits with hints of vanilla and gingerbread. This wine undergoes Malolactic fermentation. Next, and one of my favorites, is the Merlot: Ripe red fruit aromas with red fruits on the palate as well, a lighter bodied wine. Last, is the Cabernet Sauvignon, which basically reminded by of a Nero D‘Avola. Fruity, dark berries, current, and blueberry. This is light bodied for a Cabernet. But all the meanwhile still enjoyable. All SRP 16.99

View from the roof top of Lemon at the Wythe Hotel

A Pioneer of Biodynamics

As of the event, Gerard Bertrand has converted all of his single estate vineyards in Languedoc to biodynamic. Gerard has also enacted a 10-year plan to promote organically and/or biodynamically grown grapes by working as a consultant for grape growers in the region. He is offering advice and will also guarantee the purchase of the farmers’ crop in return for adherence to these standards. Bertrand is bringing his philosophy of respecting the terroir and environment to general consumer with this affordable new line of wines.

According to his book Le Vin à la Belle Étoile (2015) which was gifted at the event, I learned he’s a serious advocate of homeopathic medicine. As a result and for curiosity sake, he wanted to try biodynamic farming on a few hectares of vines in 2002. After about two years of testing on his vines he notice a profound change: Fanleaf disease began to dissipate, the poor fruit set plagued by the merlot vines resolved, and grapes were overall healthier and reaching their full ripeness potential.

After this experiment Bertrand was sold on biodynamic and organic farming principals, as the results spoke for themselves. The biodynamic grapes displayed greater freshness, vitality, and minerality.

The next three to four years was a compete purge of the conventional soils. Luckily, his efforts in Languedoc-Roussillon were a success and it is now the largest organic vineyard lands in France, with 87,000 acres certified or in conversion. Bertrand has incredible conviction regarding care of the the land. He is also a huge supporter of the Good Planet Foundation.

“If we want to change the world we have to explain to people why the organic and biodynamic wines are better.”

-Gerard Bertrand

If we all have as much thought to the environment as Bertrand has, I’d be curious to see what our world may look like. I wonder if our planet would begin to heal itself from all the damage we have done to it. Certainly, some good, or in my case, wine for thought. Cheers!

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