Valentine’s Day Rosés

Valentine’s Day can be one of those make or break holidays for new couples or a great excuse to show your appreciation to a current partner. Getting the wine right on Valentine’s Day is pretty important in my opinion! I love a great rosé for the occasion. Not only is rosé pretty and pink (festive, right?) but it also pairs extremely well with a wide variety of foods: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Soft and hard Cheeses, Salads, and evening some Candy.

Today I am sharing four different styles of rosé that I think are worth checking out.

1) Cantina Colli Morenici GardaDoc Rosé Spumante: This Wine May be hard to track down in the United States at the moment but keep your eyes open in the next coming months. Here is the website.

“Rosé Brut”

2) Costaripa Valtènesi Chiaretto Rosé: Valtènesi Rosés showcase Groppello as the star grape. These wines are definitely ones to look out for this coming spring and summer, but mostly importantly right now for Valentine’s Day! This particular wine is already available in the US. See more on this wines Vivino Profile. You can purchase this wine for about $20.00

3) M. Chapoutier Belleruche Côtes Du Rhône Rosé: More fruit than its Provence cousin and super accessible, affordable, and delicious. Great value. You can purchase this at Total wine for about $11.

4) Empathy Rosé: Empathy Wines is the “Gary Vee wine brand” which strives to cut out the middle man, brining you high quality wine direct from the producers thus saving on costs. This rosé is a huge hit with my family and at $20/bottle not a bad deal either. The most awesome partied this brand is the Club Empathy Platinum Membership where you have direct access to a knowledgeable Wine Professional who can help you navigate a wine list at a resturant, make a recommendation for food pairings, and so much more. These wines are fun and worth checking out, see the link below:

2018 Rosé

Hope you all enjoyed this video. As always, I strive to bring you interesting wines and keep things light and fun. Constructive feedback is always appreciated but please keep in mind I’m a one woman show in my apartment for the time being! I’m always looking to partner up with other media outlets.


Amanda Claire Goodwin

The Real Housewine

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