Super Bowl Wine Picks

Super Bowl is this Sunday and most people are probably planning on drinking beer. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s not really my drink of choice. If you’re like me and just love wine no matter what the occasion then watch this video for pretty easy to find recommendations.

1) Vinho Verde: light, vibrant, and refreshing wine with lower alcohol levels and fruity aromas.

Always look for the Seal of Guarantee for authentic and quality wines of Vinho Verde.

2) Prosecco Superiore DOCG, or Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin is the highest level of quality for Italian wines. These Proseccos have the most prestigious areas of plantings in Conegliano Valdobbiadene. These wines have a fine perlage and delicate aromas. They are meant to be enjoyed as they are and not as a mimosa.

3) Old Westminster Seeds and Skins Canned Pinot Gris: I don’t always drink canned wines, but when I do, I chose this one. This is a fun wine with 100% Maryland grown Pinot Gris with skin contact. Fermented with wild yeast & canned without fining or filtering. There are notes of citrus and orchard fruits. Let everyone else crack open a Bud, you’re cracking this open.

4) Barbera del Monferrato: Classic Barbera del Monferrato wines are deeply pigmented and have really nice aromas of ripe plum and cherries, and black pepper. You could also try Barberas from neighboring Appellations. Northwestern Italy is Barberas home.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday! Let me know what you end up enjoying!

As always I strive to provide great videos, but please keep in mind I made this one on the fly per the request of a few of you! Pardon the quality.

Anyone want to lend me their studio? I’m kidding, but not exactly. 😂


Amanda Claire Goodwin

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