I Heart Tipsy Scoop

Happy Wine Wednesday! Today we’re reviewing a literally, cool spot in NYC called Tipsy Scoop! 🍦What’s so great about it? This isn’t just any old ice cream parlor. This is ice cream infused with alcohol (& yes! If you eat too much you WILL BE TIPSY!). A serving of Tipsy scoop is up to 5% alcohol, so about as much as a beer. Tipsy Scoop is located 217 east 26th St. The nearest substop is on the 4/6 line at 28th street. Can’t make it to NYC? No worries, they ship easily to NY, NJ, PA, and CT. Other shipping options are available for areas outside these states. Check them out

Click bringme’s insta post below to see more!


It’s just as delicious as it looks!

Ps. If it’s around the time of your birthday you get a free birthday shot, your choice of flavor!👍🏼

Not only do they serve scoops of ice cream, they also have birthday cakes, ice cream sandwiches, pints, tubs, and for all you vegans, sorbet. 🙂 Definitely add Tipsy Scoop to your list of places to hit up! Perhaps even today, as it’s 70F outside.



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