Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Spumante

During a recent collaboration with Martha Stewart Wine Club and they sent two beautiful bottles of Scavi and Ray Spumante. Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Spumante is a brand new sparkling wine that has been eloquently crafted and designed for ice-cold enjoyment on the rocks!

Tasting notes: lemony straw colored with medium-fine bubbles. On the nose there are notes of pear and star fruit. The palate reveals a sweet sparkling wine that has a hint of citrus and apple. Short finish. Serve on the rocks with citrus zests or fresh mint.

Over all a nice Spumante that would be a perfect addition to any cocktail party. Scavi and Ray really hit it out of the park with the perfect entertainment drink. Serve at your next party and try out Martha Stewart Wine club as they showcase great wines such as this! Click the Martha Stewart image below to join!! They offer great deals. 👍🏼




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