Why You Should Try Merlot Again.

Happy International Merlot Day!! Today we celebrate Merlot all over the world. Fun facts: Merlot is second-most planted grape in the entire world and the most planted variety in Bordeaux (surprised?). In the United States for whatever the reason Merlot has a bad rap. I’m sure we can all thank the movie Sideways for the that.

Actually, true confession time: I used to avoid Merlot like the plague when I first started drinking wine! It reminded me too much of my grandfather. Through wine education and seminars I’ve learned how great Merlot can be!

The classic Merlot grape originated from the Bordeaux region of France and is commonly used in blends (Merlot dominant blends aka the “right bank” : St. Emilion, Pomerol, and Fronsac). In the United States we see more Merlot as a single variety.

The pictured Merlot is a right bank Bordeaux Blend from Saint Emillion.Saint-Émilion is registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I purchased this for $20.00 at Whole Foods Market.

I think this wine is a great value at only $20.00!! Notes of plum, cherry, baking spice, and softened tannins really hit the spot. I also paired it with a Merlot cheese! How will you be celebrating International Merlot Day?



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