3 Wines that pair with Halloween

Happy HalloWINE everyone!! Today I am sharing my favorite Halloween inspired wines! Some pair well with candy, others are just great for the look. What are your favorites?

Orange Wine: Real talk: If the wine is orange than it belongs on your HalloWINE drink list. I can’t think of a better way to be more festive than breaking open that special orange wine you’ve been saving. these wines have a diverse profile of notes and flavors so ask your local wine shoppe associate about the choice that’s best for you. Pictured here is Amphora 2015 Castello di Lispida .

Lambrusco: Lambrusco or any other sparkling red is perfect because it’s the ultimate spooky looking sparkling. Deep and dark like blood (mwahaha) be sure to serve this sparkling wine while you’re stuck with candy duty. It comes in sweet and dry varieties. I think this is also the perfect drink with a vampire costume. Pictured here is Velenosi Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG Secco.

Ice wine: Ice wine is sweet enough to pair well with your favorite sweets but there’s also acid to cut through the fat of chocolates and heavier cream based candies. Ice wine is made in primarily cold religions like Canada, Upstate NY, Germany, Austria, and the PNW. Featured here is Royal Tokaji 2016 Late Harvest (Tokaji). According to JeffJensen of Wine Enthusiast “It has aromas of acacia flower and pear, with flavors of apricot, pear juice and dried rosemary. The finish is pleasantly sweet without being too cloying.” Well said Jeff.

Hope you all have the happiest of Halloween’s! If you like this article shoot me a message and let me know! If there’s anything more specific you’d like to see going forward also let me know 🙂


Amanda Claire Goodwin

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