Argillae Primo d’Anfora 2016

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again: New York City is probably one of the best, if not THE best wine city in the world. I’m so fortunate to be a part of this urban wine Mecca. One major perk of being NYC based is the assortment of opportunities for wine related experiences.

Giulia Di Cosimo of Argillae Wines and Vias Imports recently hosted an informational, multi-sensory experience & lunch at Urbani Truffle Lab on July 10, 2019. Giulia is now personally running the company which was handed down to her by her grandfather Giuseppe Bonollo. Back in the 1980s Giuseppe decided to scale back on his original industry of distillation and invest in the Orivieto wine territory, and boy, I’m sure glad he did.

The winery is located in the green rolling landscapes of Umbria. Umbria is an Italian region bordering Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche. Often called the country’s green heart, it’s known for its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, particularly foraged truffles and wines.

Argillae has been ran by the Bonollo and Di Cosimo families for three generations. Argillae in Latin means “clay”, which perfectly suites them. The soil is clay based, with wide and deep cracks where it is possible to find fossils dating back to the Pliocene era. Their custom made 500L format Amphoras are made with clay from their vineyards.

Prospects include trying to find the right grape(s) for a red amphora wine.

3 different amphoras for 3 different grapes: Grechetto, Drupeggio, Malvasia. Meticulous pruning where even slightly damaged berries are removed.

Batonnage 3-4 times per day by hand. Minimum aging of 5 years. this wine evolves a great deal while it’s in the glass, a quality of well made wines that I love. The Color of this wine is more of an intense lemon. The nose is constantly evolving in the glass. It changed from when it was poured to when it was time for the event. A pronounced nose; I got notes if acacia blossom, lemon peel, and orange peel, as it opens up there are notes of almond and starfruit. That’s a nice balance of acidicity that you wouldn’t necessarily noticed unless you did the “dribble test” lol: Initially easy drinking which evolves into something more fresh and acidic with more pronounced flavors from the nose. Wonderfully long finish.This is a great wine to drink now or age a little longer.

Bottles are numbered. SRP $72 which I bought from Saratoga Wine online.

click here to buy.

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