Velenosi Lacrima di Morro d’Alba

🍷This is another gem from the Italian Region of Marche! In Italian, “Lacrima” means tear 😢 However, there is nothing sad about this wine! The skin of the grape is so delicate that it will rupture when ripe and a drop of juice falls, much like a tear. Lacrima has been referred to as the “red Gewurtztraminer′′ and is best served lightly chilled.

If you were to blind fold yourself and taste this without seeing it you might think it’s a white wine from the aromas! 👃🏼 very unusual intense flower perfumes: very floral on the nose, violet, rose, gardenia, white flowers 💐 The palate is velvety with a nice spicy aftertaste. It’s slightly tannic and with light herbal notes. This will go well with cured meats, pasta in red sauce and with white meat dishes 🍝 Truly a unique find!!

This wine is imported by domaine select, so look for this wine at a retailer near you.

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