#HolidayPorty: Grilled Pear, Blue Cheese and Fig salad with Port Dressing

When most people think of Port wine, they imagine an after dinner dessert drink. Although I do enjoy Port wine in that capacity, it actually can wear so many more hats! It can successfully be served throughout your entire meal, when paired correctly. But what to serve with it that’s not dessert? It’s a really hard question to answer actually. However, continue reading for a very simple, easy recipe for a salad pairing. A great way for you to kick off your very own #HolidayPorty #PortPairing

I’m happy to be working with Taylor Fladgate on this project and to share with you my own original recipe. Port wine is one of the most underrepresented wines at the Holiday dinner table and not only reserved for desserts! You can pair Port wine with cheeses, particularly Stillon, Danish Blue, or Roquefort. Fresh Turkish Figs and Port wine is a magical pairing. Additionally, you can serve Port Wine with Fall/Holiday themed meat dishes for a dash of sweetness where it needs. Can anyone say, lamb chops and Port? It’s delicious! And don’t be afraid to try it.

Please keep in mind when serving Port, temperature is important. Port is best served 10-16C (That’s 50-60F). Due to its high alcohol content from fortification (20% ABV), the cooler serving temperature prevents the alcohol from becoming too overpowering. I personally like my port right out of the fridge, around 6C.

Without further ado: Try this delicious salad to warm up your crowd at your very own #HolidayPorty #PortPairing


1/2 cup Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Tawny Port

1 5oz container of Baby Romaine

About 6 Raw Figs, I used brown Turkey Figs

6oz container of Black berries, will probably use most of it.

1 Bosc pear

4.4oz container of Danish Blue Cheese, will probably use about half.

1/3 cup Candied pecans

Olive oil

Sprinkle of Brown sugar

Dried Nepitella (Tuscan herb, cross between mint and oregano)

Dried ground Coriander

All spice

Salt, pepper

Balsamic vinegar

Tart cherry juice (optional)

1oz Prosciutto (optional)

Grilled Pear Directions:

Heat enough olive oil to coat a cast iron pan on low-medium heat.

Wash and quarter pear, scooping out seeds and core with a spoon.

When oil is hot, place pear quarters flesh side down to brown. Once both flesh sides are browned (less than 10 mins total) remove pears from cast iron pan and pace on plat. Sprinkle with brown sugar while still hot. Set aside.


In a large salad bowl assemble ingredients;

Place Baby Romain, halved figs, black berries. Blue cheese, and candied peacans. If you wish add a small amount of Prosciutto in tiny pieces. You can even do so in a decorative manor. Leave covered in Refrigerator until ready to serve.

Dressing Option:

You can go simple with store bought balsamic glaze and olive oil drizzle OR you can follow my Port wine dressing recipe.

Port Wine Dressing:

Place 1/2 Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Twany Port in small sauce pan. Let simmer to burn off alcohol. Let cool. If in a rush, judiciously cool in freezer.

Once cooled, add a generous amount of Extra Virgin olive oil. Add a pinch of salt, pepper, all spice, coriander, and Nepitella.

Add a splash of balsamic

Add a splash of tart cherry juice (if you can find it).


This dressing is really delicious and ties the whole pairing nicely. Have you ever thought about having Port with salad before?

Hope you all make this Port Wine and Salad Recipe this holiday Season. If you do, please make sure to tag me and Taylor Fladgate Port.

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