National Orange Wine Day



On October 6, National Orange Wine Day takes a bold sip of an ancient method of making of winemaking! This little-known style of wine shines with its bold flavor and auburn color. Join National Orange Wine Day as it gains some appreciation with vineyards, wine cellars, and lovers.

Originally made nearly 6,000 years ago in Eastern Europe, the technique for making orange wine is being rediscovered. Surprisingly, winemakers do not add oranges to the wine at all. Unlike the latest beer trends, the wine comes by its color naturally.  Fermented from white wine grapes, the orange wine develops through more skin contact during the fermentation process. Makers treat the white grapes like red grapes preserving the bolder body and tannins. As a result, the ordinarily white wine will deepen into a brandy orange color.

Despite the wine’s obscurity, orange wine makes appearances at wine shows. Vineyards display their orange efforts from the United States to Australia. Get in on the tasting and find a bottle to share!



As your local vintner to stock an orange wine. Visit a wine tasting offering an orange wine on the menu. Use #NationalOrangeWineDay to share on social media.

To learn more about orange wine, follow the Instagram page for National Orange Wine Day @orangewinetime.




The Real House Wine founded National Orange Wine Day on October 6, 2018, to bring awareness to the public about this beautiful yet lesser known style of wine.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Orange Wine Day to be observed annually in 2018.


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